Opening Times

Drop offs, pick ups and viewings are by appointment between the following times:

  • Monday – Friday; 9.30-11.30am and 4-6pm
  • Saturday; 9.30 – 11am and 3-4pm
  • Sunday and Bank Holidays: CLOSED

Drop and Dash is a service we offer for some customers who are unable to make the usual opening times. Your cat can be dropped or picked up from our front door between 7.30- 8.15am Monday to Saturday by arrangement.

Delivery and collection times are by appointment. If you find that you cannot stick to the agreed time, please ring and arrange a new time; we will strive to be as flexible as possible. It is recommended that cats are brought in the day before departure, as they tend to go missing. Customers have missed flights because of this.

About Opening times:

When doing research on a good cattery I think people underestimate the importance of opening times. A small, independently run cattery will have restricted opening. This is because the business is usually run from the family home. This will sometimes mean that if you return home from holiday  on a Saturday (remember some flights run sat – sat) then you will be unable to pick up your cat until the following Monday.

If this is unacceptable to you then you will need to look at the much larger establishments which open every day of the week except Christmas Day.

Please take all this into account when viewing your options.

Cattery Sign at Mobberley Cottage


Snow Covered Garden at Mobberley Cottage


Child Playing with Cat at Mobberley Cottage Cattery